Monday, July 27, 2009


I’m nervous as all heck as I drive to CrossFit OTG…New people, new atmosphere and a new fitness program…Not sure what to except.

Walking up to the fitness area, the first thing I notice is there are no machines…Just smiling people ready to welcome me. People of all ages and fitness levels.

My Coach’s name was Mark. He sat me down and got to know me and my prior fitness history. I could sum it up in four words or less for him…Step, kickboxing and treadmills. That was all about to change.

Today I went through foundations…I learned that proper technique is key to an effective fitness program. Today I learned the proper technique for:
~Push-up – I do girl push-ups
~Pull-up – I use a rubber band around the pull-up bar

I’m looking forward to my first workout!